Overnight Discover Oaxaca Ride

  • Minimum of 2 riders and max of 6 riders with one guide. Private rides available.
  • Approximately 4 hours each day of riding but riding time may vary depending on the pace.
  • The pace can be adjusted from laid-back touring (no riding experience required) to a faster paced ride for the experienced rider.
  • Depart from the city office 8:30 am. This is the suggested time, private rides can choose their start time.
  • Return next day around 4 pm.
  • 2 full days of riding.
  • English and Spanish speaking instructor.
  • 1 night lodging in double or single occupancy suite at Rancho Pitaya.
  • Lunch and dinner on day one. Breakfast and lunch on day two.
  • Entry to sites of interest.
  • Round trip transport from our office in Oaxaca’s historic city.
  • Suitable clothing: long pants, long sleeves, covered shoes
  • Water bottle (refills available)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Personal medication

1 rider in single occupancy: 14500 pesos
2-4 riders in double occupancy: 10,000 pesos per person

Holiday Rates & Dates: December 19 – January 4 & October 28 – November 3

1 rider in single occupancy: 16500 pesos
2-4 riders in double occupancy: 11500 pesos per person

Note: Add 2000 pesos person to turn this into an instructional ride.

Discounts and surcharges:

Single room supplement 1000 pesos

To book

  • 500 peso discount for cash payments in pesos
  • Visa, Mastercard and Paypal accepted

To cancel

  • Horseback Mexico is a small outfitter with limited horses and guides 
  • No refunds for cancelled riding tours 
  • Activities can be rescheduled if space is available

Ride, eat, relax and sleep! A complete immersion into Oaxaca’s nature and culture. 

This overnight ride includes one night of deluxe lodging at eco-friendly Rancho Pitaya. No other tour in the interior highlands of Oaxaca offers such a variety of natural and cultural experiences in so short a time.

Within minutes of riding out from the ranch trails ascend to protected lands dotted with massive yucca trees and rich in towering old-growth columnar cacti. Ride to a lookout where panorama views stretch out across the great valley of Tlacolula and up to the Sierra Juarez. Dismount, stretch and enjoy refreshing snacks in the shade. The trails then descend toward the Rio Salado where village diary farmers drive horse-drawn carts and cut alfalfa with a scythe. The wild cane that lines banks of the river is a haven for birdlife.

Back at Rancho Pitaya, a freshly prepared meal awaits. After a morning spent in nature on horseback, relax on the shady veranda with a fresh fruit cooler, ice cold beer or a mezcal Margarita. Finish the day with a visit to the 2,000 yr. old Bald Cypress tree in El Tule or join the ranch’s cook to learn authentic Oaxacan dishes. Enjoy dinner outdoors and the fresh, clean air assures a good night’s sleep.

Start the day with a complete breakfast in the warm morning sun before a short drive to the pre-Hispanic archeological site of Dainzu where the riding begins. Massive candelabra cacti, ancient stone bridges, a restored hacienda and expansive backcountry define this ride. Feast on a leisurely meal back at Rancho Pitaya before returning to the city around 4 pm.

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