Horseback Mexico has over 20 years of experience in horse riding adventures, cultural immersion tours and family vacations. These small, insider tours bring travelers into contact with traditional Oaxacan culture and the region’s nature, among of the world’s most diverse and beautiful ecosystems.

What we offer

Discover from the saddle, rare flora, ancient trails and traditional culture in of-the-beaten-track riding adventures  for every level of experience. The horses are calm and well-trained for the novice yet forward and spirited for the experienced equestrian. The saddles are comfortable; helmets and half-chaps are provided.

Private riding lessons and equine therapy are also available.

Oaxaca is one of the world’s great birding hotspots. Birdwatching is a perfect way to spend time immersed in the outdoors.  For the avid birder with a life list, a handful of rare endemic species can be readily observed in the local habitat.

World-class hiking in exotic native flora. Walk out from the ranch and hike into fascinating ecosystems with drop-dead gorgeous views. Every step of the trail is rich in biodiversity and geological wonder. 

Accommodation rates at this exclusive guest ranch includes full breakfast and dinner. Lunch can also be served.

New in 2020 is Casa Colibri, a private, detached adobe house set in the upper northwest portion of the ranch with views of the horses and mountains.

Who are we?


Mary Jane Gagnier

Mary Jane moved from her native Canada to Oaxaca in 1987 and for decades has explored the many regions of this state. She considers herself a cultural interpreter as evident in her 2005 book “Oaxaca Celebration: Family, Food & Fiestas in Teotitlan”, a testimony to the traditions of a Zapotec village. She brings her passion and knowledge to her guided experiences, whether horse riding, birdwatching or nature walks. Mary Jane is a certified yoga instructor, holistic health therapist and regularly contributes checklists to Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology.

Gabriel Mendoza Gagnier

Gabriel, Mary Jane’s son is a graduate of veterinarian medicine from the UPAEP University in the state of Puebla. He was a top-ranking Mexican endurance rider and represented Mexico in the North American Young Riders Endurance championships from 2007 to 2012, finishing Top 10 each time. Gabriel owns and manages Galería La Mano Mágica, established by his parents Arnulfo Mendoza and Mary Jane Gagnier in 1987. Gabriel is a knowledgable and fun guide to ride with and enjoys instructing equitation. He ensures the ranch’s horse maintain good health and optimum nutrition.

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