Meet Our Horses

At Rancho Pitaya we firmly believe in letting our horses be horses when they’re not at work. They live in open-style paddocks within a herd or next to a friend.

Whether you are a complete novice riding for the first time or an experienced rider looking for a spirited canter in open country, we have the right horse for you! The right horse may very well be the same horse as we have made it top priority to foster healthy, fit  horses with flexible minds and calm temperaments.

All the horses have their own personalities and deserve their own profile. But in one way they are all alike – they enjoy their jobs, whether it’s exploring on mountain trails, teaching a novice about the nuances of good riding or traveling unfamiliar lands on weeklong rides.

The Geldings

Our geldings are all wonderful guys – they love the trails at any speed. It’s routine to see them playing tag, catch-me-if-you-can or fun rearing games during turnout. 

The Mares

The mares – like most women – set the pace for our herd. They like to go, but that can mean hours of marching up and down hills as well as getting down to fast-paced business. Torrid Elegance, Newest Style and Mighty were bred to Fernandez and foaled his babies in the summer of 2012.

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The Donkey

Friendly Bonita with her foghorn vocals never lets us forget there is a donkey on the ranch.

Gone but not forgotten

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