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Our horseback riding tours are a timeless way to see Oaxaca. Saddle up for adventure, experience traditional culture, see up-close the exotic nature Oaxaca is renowned for. Regardless of experience, time or budget, there’s the perfect ride on one of our small, personalized tours.

Find Your Ride!

Get out of the city and ride ancient trails through exotic flora. Or better yet, enjoy a peaceful getaway and spend a night or two at Rancho Pitaya .

Every ride is the owner’s favorite! A handful of unique ecosystems stretch out around the ranch and breathtaking vistas appear around every bend in the trail. The pace of the ride is adjusted to the rider’s level of experience.


Treat your soul to a break from the hubbub. Combine guided riding tours with overnight lodging, open-air dining,  authentic cooking, fresh air and star-studded skies.

 Sip a Margarita from a hammock as the horses parade past each evening on their way to dinner. Awaken to the sound of singing birds and ease into the day with a steaming coffee in the gentle, morning sun.  

Explore in-depth one of Oaxaca’s distinctive regions. Mary Jane has spent decades exploring this state on horseback, often eliciting the help of local shepherds and campesinos to perfect her routes.  

Meander trails steeped in history and canter caminos dating back to early Spanish colonial times. Diverse nature and architecture, culture and traditions distinguish each weeklong ride.

Riding with us is..

Covid Safe
Happy & Healthy horses
Safe riding intro
Family friendly
Helmets available

Level of experience

How to rate your own riding

Beginner: Limited experience with horses.

Novice: Can walk, trot and canter but only for limited time periods; need a horse that is easy to control; do not feel comfortable participating in rides that require maintaining a trot or canter for extended periods of time; can get nervous on the “wrong horse”.

Intermediate: Can trot and canter for extended periods of time and can ride comfortably if the horse is moderately easy to control; can usually find one or more horses that are within competence to ride.

Experienced: An experienced confident rider; can control trail horses at all paces; and can adjust to varied terrain as required.


  • Helmets are offered and wearing them encouraged; children must wear helmets.
  • A short, practical demo of safe riding tips is given by the guide before guests mount their horse.
  • The guide may “pony” the horse a child rides by holding a lead line attached to the horse’s halter.
  • Guides ride with a first aid kit.
  • A 100 kilo weight restriction applies; this assures that the lighter Arabian and Criollo horses can safely bear the weight of the rider.

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