Half Day Instructional Ride

  • Maximum of 3 riders with one instructor. Private rides available.
  • Approximately 2 hours of riding with on-trail instruction.
  • Depart from the city office 8:30 am. This is the suggested time, private rides can choose their start time.
  • Return around 12:30 pm, about 4 hours from pick-up to drop-off.
  • Approximately 2 hours of riding
  • English and Spanish speaking instructor.
  • Refreshments and snacks after the ride.
  • Round trip transport from our office in Oaxaca’s historic city.
  • Suitable clothing: long pants, long sleeves, covered shoes
  • Water bottle (refills available)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Personal medication

1 rider: 3500 pesos per person
2-3 riders: 2500 pesos per person

Holiday Rates & Dates: December 19 - January 4 & October 28 - November 3

1 rider: 4000 pesos per person
2-3 riders: 3000 pesos per person

To book

  • 100 peso discount for cash payments in pesos
  • Visa, Mastercard and Paypal accepted

To cancel

  • Horseback Mexico is a small outfitter with limited horses and guides 
  • No refunds for cancelled riding tours 
  • Activities can be rescheduled if space is available
This form is to inquire about availability, you’ll receive an email shorty to confirm your ride and how to book.
*Riding experience defenitions
Novice: From first time riding to comfortable on a horse to do occasional trail rides.
Moderate: Have ridden for a minimum of 100 hours & can post a rising trot and canter on calm but fit horse outside of the area.
Experienced: Have ridden for a minimum of 500 hours & accustomed to riding independently a spirited horse outside of the arena & comfortable riding with English or plow reining NOT exclusively western neck reining.

Learn, Discover and Enjoy!

Aquire practical equitation instruction focused on the safe handling and riding of horses on trails and in open country. Learn essential skills in the confines of the ranch, then continue to hone them with real-life instruction in Oaxaca’s gorgeous countryside. The instruction emphasizes correct communication between rider and horse using posture, reins and voice commands.

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